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September 2017

New projects:

Our partner Yakkersum are busy with a water projects using solar pumps and a tree planting project in Sumba.

UPK, also in Sumba are organising women training sessions in home industries with at least 300 women participating!

There are also training projects in West Timor. Our partner TLM , a village advocacy program and YPKM, a community transformation program. Linked to these programs are projects in water acessiblilty and community gardens.

June 2017: NEW WEBSITE Coming soon.


JULY 2015:

Current projects are helping rural Indonesian communities with clean water. Giving access to clean water means no more long walks for water, making life a little easier for the communites. This also improves their health and sanitation practices and also supports their farming - it their way of caring for themselves.


September 2011:

We have received the Amos Aid mosquito net project report from our partners in Sumba.

This report shows the data of malaria cases in 6 villages.

In March 2010, 700 residents tested for malaria, 21% were positive.

In March 2011 after the distribution of 700 Long lasting nets, the residents suffering from malaria is only 8%. Great outcome!

Amos Aid Australia received a proposal to continue the distribution of mosquito nets in the villages in and around Melolo, East Sumba. With the help of the health clinic in Melolo, they hope to distribute another 500 LLN in 2012.

Please help us help them with your support and donations.

"Send a net to save a life"

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