Amos Aid Australia partners with like minded Christian organisations, working through the local Churches, into the wider community.

Amos Aid has recently partnered with organisations in West Timor. Partner organisations are: TLM, YPKM and YK. More information shortly!

Amos Aid also has partnered with UPK in Sumba Indonesia.


Partner organisation: Yakerrsum

Year partnership commenced: 2008
Type of organisation: Yakerrsum is an indigenous community development organization, working primarily to improve the agricultural sector in Sumba. They have long term partnerships with the communities they work in (10+ years), and assist through various means including providing education on best agricultural practice and developing village facilitators. In more recent years they have expanded their services beyond the agricultural sector into health and education. Yakerrsum are a well-respected entity in the communities they serve.


Partner organisation: Patmos Consulting
Year Partnership commenced: 2011
Type of organisation: Patmos consulting is a small, Australian based, community development organization. Patmos consulting travels between the management of partnered organisations in order to further bolster partner relationships while encouraging sound community development approaches in both partner organisations.

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