About Us

Amos Aid Australia Inc:

"Serving the Poor as equals before God"

Was incorporated on 14th of November 2008:

Amos Aid is a Christian, field-led, primarily projects-based community development organisation. Amos Aid has a holistic approach that considers all aspects of community life and perspective, encompassing the physical and spiritual needs of those they serve. Amos Aid partners with local like-minded organisations (wherever possible) and always seeks to employ and empower local communities. Amos Aid believes advocacy is one of the greatest means of sustainability for any project, and seeks to encourage local authorities to provide appropriate support and care to those under their jurisdiction before undertaking new projects in that region.

To serve the poorest of the poor as equals before God.

Amos Aid's goal is to participate in the restoration of humanity and creation to God. Amos Aid's primary goal thus encompasses the Millennium Development Goals while also aiming to:
• Encourage spiritual growth
• Work within a biblical framework for development
• Provide assistance without discrimination of race, sex, or religious perspective
• Promote interdependency in the communities where programs are implemented

Amos Aid seeks to serve where there are no pre-existing organisations. Amos Aid is currently serving in eastern Sumba, and will continue to implement programs there until no longer required. However, Amos Aid will not limit itself to either that particular island in Indonesia or more broadly ‘overseas' i.e. that which lies outside the borders of Australia.


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